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SALT Nicotine pouches | Arctic | 20 mg


SALT Arctic are thin tobacco-free nicotine snus pouches with a bright and strong cold taste, when we say strong, we mean, of course, the Arctic. The Arctic is the Arctic, in whose weather conditions it is impossible to relax. Therefore, these nicotine snus pouches are specially formulated with bright notes of menthol and a good cooling effect to give an incredible feeling of freshness Cool that all this is tobacco-free!

SALT nicotine pouches with Arctic flavour will make you feel fresh and tasteful all day long!

SALT nicotine pouches that will help you to quit regular tobacco cigarettes.

Salt products are very easy to use. No one can see what is under your lip, as the nicotine pouch itself is thin and small. You can use SALT pouches while you work, during long trips, parties or at home when you are relaxing.


Buy with confidence as we are an official Salt nicotine pouches distributor in the UK!

SALT Nicotine pouches | Arctic | 20 mg

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